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Over the last 20 years, Vam Y.K. Cheung has shot many self-assigned photograpic subjects close to his heart, mainly involving World Landscapes and Architecture. Our Photo Library has over 4000 images; some of the highlights are shown in the following Galleries:  Landscape, Architural Poetry, Searching Utopia, Door to Heaven, People.

Vam shot most of his fine art projects with 6x7 cm medium format film to maintain the highest resolution and natural contrast range quality. Images are printed on Fuji Lightjet Archival pritns or Premium Epson Ultrachrome prints with various textures. Other premium prints such as Canvas, Heavy Museo Textured Rag, Exibition Fibre prints  and Somerset Velvet paper can also be provided upon special request.

Directions for purchasing prints 

There are two methods for purchasing prints.

1. You may directly purchase from the Gallery. Every picture has a 'buy' sign on the top left corner - click the cart and there are       options of types of prints and sizes. Complete your order by following the instructions and paying through our Paypal account. Prints will be sent to you by mail in 2 to 3 weeks.

2. On the Contact page, write down the name of the images you want to purchase (posted on the top center of the image in the Gallery) and include a  brief message  about the size and type of prints you would like. I will get back to you with a price quote.  As soon as I receive a check for the full amount, I will order the prints. Normal delivery by mail will take 2  to 3 weeks to arrive at your door.

If you like a certain direction of the photos in the Galleries and would like to have more options to choose from, I can e-mail you additional images from my Photo Library.  Pleae provide more information about your ideal image and I will try to  find a match.

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