Vam Y. K. Cheung Biography

Vam Y.K. Cheung is an Architectural and Landscape Photographer operating in the Los Angeles area. The photographic history of Vam started at Brooks Institute of Photography, from which he graduated with a Bachelor 's Degree in Advertising/Illustration and earned the Departmental Award. After assisting in Los Angeles for a year, he moved back to his native Hong Kong and worked in-house as the Architectural Photographer for a major developer/builder for about 7 years, shooting primarily architectural & commercial projects. During that time he also freelanced by photographing Adverstising and Commercial Interior works. Vam moved to San Francisco in 2000 and founded Y.K. Cheung Photography, focusing on architectural and commercial projects. In 2002, Vam relocated to Orange County where he continued to pursue his career in photography. He relocated again in 2005 to his current location in Los Angeles. As his career became more specialized in Commercial Interiors, his commercial photo projects have won several Design Awards.  Vam's passion has always been in Landscape & Architecture Photography. He has been traveling to national parks and monuments all over the world and photographing the wonders of nature as well as the greatest creations of mankind. In recent years, Vam has had the opportunity to share his Fine Art Landscape and Architectural work through various Exhibitions.

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